Sponsor – Prisca Muhawe Kaza

Prisca Muhawe Kaza

In 2017 Prisca completed Secondary school and would like to attend University. She is happy and has dreams for the future  -  for herself and the community. She is very grateful for the educational sponsorship she reviewed. Currently she is volunteering in her community. The cost to attend the university  is approximately $3,000 per year.

Vision: Become a woman leader and study nursing 

There was war in my village where most of houses were burned and people killed. We became refugees in Nyakabande transit camp, later we were transferred to Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Due to the tough life there and diseases like malaria we were forced to go back home (Bunagana, DR Congo).

My parents decided to put me in school and when I was in primary 4 there was another war between CNDP rebels and the government. For one year we were again refugees.

In 2008 I was able to finish my primary school and in 2009 successfully passed the national exam and got the national certificate. After one year my father failed to pay fees and I had to drop out. Later he decided to put me in a cheap school. I worked carrying sand and bricks to buy school supplies.

Because of studying and working, I was often chased (forced to leave) from school. Teachers asked students to buy books and notes, which in most cases I could not afford. With tough life at home and all these problems it has caused me to suffer and perform poorly in school.

I have been trained in leadership, entrepreneurship and non-violence by Peopleweaver’s partner, Coburwas. I hope to be a strong leader and help other young girls who are suffering like me.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~1997,Bunagana)