University – Betty M.

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"My dream and vision is to become a successful and passionate teacher."

I am Betty M. I was born in 1996 to the late Manana Lawrence and Mrs. Khaitsa Teopista in Bunamono Upper. My father was a preacher and my mother is a subsistence farmer.

I started my education at 9 years of age attending Namawanga primary school. My late father gave school fees before he started falling sick. Later my uncle paid for my upper primary education because my dad was very sick. I completed primary education with 13 aggregates.

My father started falling sick in 2007. The illness left him disabled, he became deaf and physically handicapped until years later when he died.

My uncle paid my school fees and I started my secondary education at Busiu High School. I finished my O-level with 31 aggregates. I joined secondary 5 but my uncle gave up on me (stopped paying school fees) so that he could fully support his children that had joined high school.

I came to Kampala to look for a job but never got a decent job because of my educational level. I later got a man and settled with him and started a family but the relationship ended.

I started subsistence farming to support my kids until I was offered a chance to work as a school helper in a government school teaching in lower primary classes. That very year, I enrolled at Kayunga Teachers College but failed to study because my money could pay my children’s education only.

After COVID lockdown I didn’t get the job of being a school helper and I decided to look for another job. I moved to Mukono town in 2022 to work as a house helper where my boss was touched by my story and encouraged me to go back and pursue my dream. She helped me enroll for studies at my current school but I didn’t register or do exams because I didn’t have tuition.

In February of this year 2023, my former boss paid half of my tuition and registration and I have managed to get some of my personal requirements from my friends.

I am a hard working lady willing and dedicated towards achieving my career. I am inspired by Hon Rebecca Kadaga former speaker of the parliament of Uganda and I would also like to be an influential person like her.

I am willing to share more information about me in case of any need.

In Gratitude, Betty

Download Betty's education sponsorship application. Please share.

(This document has been slightly edited for better understanding.)

NOTE: Peopleweaver has decided to partially sponsor Betty’s education by contributing $600 toward her tuition in 2023. It should take Betty 2 – 3 years to earn her teaching diploma. Like so many other girls and women, Betty’s education started and stopped several times. Betty was able to graduate secondary school because of her determination and the help of others. Her parents obviously value(d) education AND education for girls.

It is powerful that Betty listed her hobbies; no one has ever done this before. Hobbies are reflective as to who a person is and what they think is important.

Betty’s hobbies are: Helping children – Learning new things – Reading

Thank you for your interest in Betty.

Jeanne Ratzloff, Peopleweaver