Graduated Secondary School – Neema Baziramwabo Ndagijimana

Neema is the leader of a women's group that does tailoring and basket making.

(THIS IS NEEMA's ORIGINAL sponsorship application for Secondary school; it has been edited when needed for better understanding.)

Update: Neema graduated Secondary school in 2019.

My name is Neema Baziramwabo Ndagijimana. I was born in 2000 with a physical disability at Katundwe village, in the DRC. My parents are poor and survives on peasant farming. I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers.

I have suffered an inferiority complex and sometimes even my parents doubt what a disabled child would benefit them.

I am doing social sciences in senior 4. I have been thinking of stopping my studies due to lack of fees. For two years some people sometimes support my school fees but now they also fail because of several political and social instabilities that makes people poor here. Therefore they are not in position to support my studies right now.

In social life I am a secretary of a group called INUA JAMAA (UPLIFT FAMILY). This is a Swahili word that means let us work together for uplifting families. This group is made of women who have been left in their homes and other needy girls who basically do taloring and basket making for covering their needs.

With the expressed need for school support I hope to hear from you and your organization.

Thank you.