Graduated Secondary School – Josephine Uwamahoro Gasore

Josephine, Peopleweaver education sponsorship

(THIS IS JOSEPHINE'S ORIGINAL sponsorship application for Secondary school; it has been edited when needed for better understanding.)

(In 2017 Josephine completed Secondary school and would like to attend University. She is happy and has dreams for the future - for herself and the community. She is very grateful for the educational sponsorship she reviewed. Currently she is volunteering in her community. The cost to attend the university is approximately $3,000 per year.)

Vision: To attend the University (Josephine has finished one year at the Bugema University in Uganda. Her sponsorship to Bugema is provided on year at a time, therefore she needs a sponsor for year two and three. Her education has been interrupted because of COVID-19.

I am a first borne from parents who are farmers. We live in Bunagana which is located in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, near the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo.)

After fleeing DR Congo because of war we were refugees in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda. I started my studies in Kyangwali, from primary 1 to 3. We then repatriated back home I was able to go to school when there was money for the fees, I went to school off and on.

When I was in Senior 1 my father had a job with an organization called FEMISA, but after two years this organization disappeared and my father became jobless. He started dealing in agriculture for survival. When I was in Senior 4 my father failed to pay school fees for me and I dropped out from school. For a while someone from the village helped me with school fees. Now I am in Senior 6 and grateful too Peopleweaver for their sponsorship so I can finish my Secondary education.

In Bunagana I volunteer to help women, girls and my community.


(g-2017, Bunagana,)