Sponsor – Feza Uwase Dieume

Sponsor a girl's education in Bunagana, DRC or Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

Sponsor a girl's education in Bunagana, DRC or Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

Update: In 2020 Feza's education was interrupted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One year sponsorship is $200.

(Application is provided by Feza's mother, Suzana Mushimiymana, and is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

“I am 8-years old. I was borne in Rwanda and I did my primary one school there. This 7-km away from where we live now (Bunagana, DR Congo). We chose this school because of minimal means, we do not have enough money to survive but we live one day at a time with our mother.

My mother struggles to work and buy for us food, rent and other living expenses. It is hard for her to raise our school fees and she has struggled to pay for our brother.

I am the second child of a family of three children including two boys and one girl. My mom is called MUSHIMIYIMANA SUZANA, she was born in 1987 in Rwanda and married in 2004 in Ruhengeri RWANDA and became a widow since 2014. I have been an orphan of the father since 2014.

After a difficult life, we have been displaced and in 2015 we moved to Bunagana, DRC to look for survival.

Arriving in Bunagana, our life was harder because no one knew us and sometimes we had to sleep outside. My mother started laboring - farming for people, carrying stones and bricks, then building and from there we managed to start renting a very small house. With the temporary work that mom does, her thoughts now are about striving to pay for our schooling including my brothers who do not study now. (Feza’s mother, Suzana Mushimiyimana, is learning construction.)

My mother has a vision that in 3 years she can buy a plot and build a small house for us because living by renting is a hard life. When she fails to get money we fail to have somewhere to sleep.”

(Feza lives in Bunagana)