Sponsor – Esther Bizimana Niragire

(Application is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

One year sponsorship is $200.

I was born to farming parents near Rutshuru, DRC.

I am the 3rd child of six children. Since I was born, up to the schooling age, my mother never had even one week when she was not very ill. My mother had spent most of her life in hospitals. Most of the land we had was sold trying to save her life and for me to go to school.

I was told to go to school when I was 8-years-old. My father strived for us to get food and money, but life was tough and most of the time I was chased out of school because there was no money for school fees. Most of my elder brothers and sisters had to drop out from school. Then my father decided that I should also stay home and be responsible of farming activities, even though I was still very young.

I have always failed because of lack of money and, unfortunately, in March my mother died in an operation room. My father also left us two years back because of suffering!

I was supposed to start my Senior 3, but because of this, I am not in position to do so.

I love drama and playing theatre, teaching people about the dangers of violence against women. I have also been doing a small business to get books.


(Esther lives in Rutshuru, 2018)