Elosha Kapata

Elosha when she applied for a secondary (high school) scholarship in 2016.
Elosha in Secondary school (2020)
Elosha Kapata, DR Congo
Elosha (2021)

Update: Elosha finished her Secondary education and in 2020 started attending Bugema University in Uganda. Her education was interrupted because of COVID-19 and she went home to Goma (DRC). She return to the university when it re-opened in ??. She plans to graduate in the fall of 2023 with a degree in Mass Communications. 

Vision: "My vision is empowering and inspiring women and girls. I like speaking in public to promote women’s and children’s rights, a great need in my country. My studies in journalism and mass communication are helping me achieve these goals."


At the age of 3, my family was displaced by war. We ran to several places, sometimes staying in the bush, we finally stayed in Kisangani. We survived day-by-day. At the age of 6, our mother left us because of social-economic reasons. My father wanted to join us from where he was working, but he was not able to. We lived with our grandmother.

In July 2007, my brothers and sisters, and myself were forced to board a car to Burundi, to my mother’s home. We traveled hundreds of miles, we were stopped by our father who joined us in Goma. Since then we lived with our father, with no funds and a miserable life.

I have been studying one day and chased another (while attending Secondary school). I tried to do small businesses to get school fees, selling charcoal, kerosene, bread, powder soap. I could not afford business and schooling at the same time and dropped out of school.

Benson Wereje told me about an organization called Peopleweaver, he said Peopleweaver gave girls education sponsorships. I applied and was happy to be chosen to go to school. After two years I passed the Secondary national exams and graduated.

Life qualities: The love of God, compassion and dialogue.
I thank my father who has always been with us and now has became also our mother.
I thank Wereje Benson for uplifting women and supporting them, I thank Peopleweaver for the support of women and girl education.

May God bless you, Elosha

VISION: Elosha has the vision to create various centers for women, especially for mothers, where they can access basic adult education and leadership training. “In Africa, we don’t have women who are strong in leading. They are there, but they don’t have the opportunity to lead.” Elosha believes that through providing basic education, women can be better able to educate their children in the home, creating a strong foundation for the child’s success. “With basic education, everything is possible. It is possible to have peace and live in a good way.” ...,...

Elosha is a talented musician. In addition to performing individually she sings with the Barza family singing group and is responsible for leading a women’s choir.

Elosha and Barza family singing group (~2016)








(All music videos were made in the DRC and paid for with private funds by an individual living in the US.)