School – Tuendelee, Goma, DR Congo

"Often women and their families are victims of and because of this they are denied education and other opportunities. We decided to start an adult school where both young and old women are provided with a formal education and the skills to support sustainable businesses. Some of these women are now in Senior 3 and the hope is in a few years they will get their diplomas from the Ministry of Education.

Thank you, Founders and Students of Tuendelee Women's School."

Education Beyond Age Limits!

The Tuendelee Women's School is located in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The school was started by a group of women who pooled their money to hire a teacher. They received permission to meet in a church room a few evenings a week. Eventually our partner, Benson Wereje, heard about the women and visited them. Benson's organization, Coburwas, was able to help the women move into a small dilapidated building of their own. We would like to partner with the women to improve their school - partner not support.

In the DR Congo, 10.7 percent of adult women have reached a secondary or higher level of education compared to 36.2 percent of their male counterparts. (ref *2)

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