Microcredit – Nyirakaruhije Janet

Janet used her loan to breed goats.

Janet receives her loan repayment certificate

Receiving loan repayment certificate

Janet Nyirakaruhije

  • Born: 1950
  • Country: Refugee from DR Congo
  • Lives at Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda
  • Janet is a widow who lives with her daughter Izabayo Afiya.

Microcredit application (slightly edited):

"We are extremely impressed to apply for the microcredit loan so that we can improve on our standards of living in the settlement.

I lost my husband and other family members during the war. By God's grace I managed to cross the border to Uganda where I have stayed from 2001. I have suffered to the extent of reaching the vulnerability level where I am no longer able to support myself and my young daughter.

I would like to start a business of planting cereals and vegetables. I strongly feel that I can make a good profit throughout the season. I hope to sell at the market in the neighboring districts like Kibale and Hoima. Also, my fellow refugees can buy my vegetables. In addition to this I would rear some animals which will help me earn more money.

I humbly therefore apply for 100,000 shillings. I would use 50,000 for buying seeds, fertilizers and to dig the land. I would use 50,000 to buy a female goat.

I can't forget to thank you for the great work you have done in the microcredit. We hope to work together in the group and do more work to help the community and the group at large. I have to thank you for your love. There is much we shall do in our life, but without the project we would not have thought of getting united and helping each other with problems. I strongly thank you for making us part of your family. (Note: Janet refers to a "group" which is the Tuungane microcredit group who have united to help each other and the community. Community involvement is a large part of the MC project.)

Hope to hear positive answer from you. Yours Faithfully, Nyirakaruhije Janet"


  • Janet was elected Treasure of Group Funds. She manages funds collected for group projects. For example, the women each contributed money so they could buy chickens. (10-08)
  • Janet repaid her first loan and received a second loan.
  • Janet enrolled in the PW Tuungane Adult Education and has learned to write her name. Her grandson emailed to say they were very happy.
  • Janet repaid her second loan.

Note: Janet helps care for her grandchildren. Her son, Everest, operates the grain mill. Everest also teaches at the Tuunagane Women's Adult School. (Although often appearing solemn Janet can be quite the character at times. I consider her a great friend. Jeanne)