Microcredit – Chimanizanye Beatrice


Beatrice - Peopleweaver microcredit

• Born: 1986
• Married, 4 children
• Refugee from Democratic Republic of the Congo
• Lives at Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda

I am a Congolese refugee, aged 25, female by sex, and a resident of Mukarange Village block 28 (Kyangwali Refugee Settlement). My occupation is farming and I am married with four kids.

I am requesting a loan to sustain my project of farming so that I can be able to get benefits. I would be able to support my family and children getting better health, food and education facilities.

I am in need of 120,000 that I hope to pay back in a period of one year. I am planning to cultivate two acres of land. I have strong hope this will uplift my family and my community as well.

Currently my husband was involved in an accident and hardly moves. He had cleared the land (farming plot) but due to the accident we do not have hope of what comes next. I only have great hope of you due to the stories of women that you have saved their families, as their shout of joy around me. I find the microcredit the only safe refuge I could take in such time.

I would like a loan of 120,000sh and would use it as follows.
• Digging (farming) 60,000sh
• Seeds 20,000sh
• Planting 40,000sh
• Total: 120,000sh

Please, I shall be happy if my application is put under your consideration.

Yours faithfully, Beatrice Chimanizanye

(Note from Benson, Ugandan Administrator: “This woman has a good husband that helps the community but currently was involved in an accident and can't farm. He is on treatment and we hope that he will recover.”)

Update: Beatrice has repaid her loan.