Microcredit – Batezi Ruth

Batezi Ruth

  • Born: 1983
  • Country: Refugee from DR Congo
  • Lives at Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda

I am by the names Ruth Batezi, a Congolese refugee living in Kyangwali refugee camp. I have 4 children.

I live alone with my children. My husband would cain (beat) me every night and I have developed several injuries on my body. He was taken by alcohol but he has now left me and joined women peers.

I have lived alone 7 years now. I have suffered a lot by slashing bushes trying to get food. My house was destroyed and I rebuilt it. I have begged to join the microcredit women group to have rest like others. It's where I have my last hope. I have met Antoinette and Benson for several times for help.

My Business plan is as follows:

  • Slashing 20,000sh
  • Digging 30,000sh
  • Planting 10,000sh
  • Buying a goat 60,000sh
  • Total: 120,000sh

Profit expected:

In farming I hope to harvest 2 sacs of beans that will cost 200,000. I will harvest 1 sac of maize that will cost 20,000. In 1 year my goat will have produced 1 kid and I will have two goats. I will therefore have a benefit of 100,000 after paying the loan and its interest.

I hope that I will continue from there and I will also develop like other women in the Microcredit.

Hope to hear from you.

Yours faithfully, Ruth Batezi