Microcredit – Basoda Sophia

Sophia Basoda microcredit recipient

Sophia Basoda, MC recipient, with family

Sophia Basoda's house has a metal roof

Sophia and Antoinette immigrated to US

Sophia, Jeanne, and Antoinette US visit

  • Born: 1963
  • Country: Refugee from DR Congo
  • Lives at Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda

Sofia is the mother of four surviving children who she struggles to provide for. Her husband and two older children were kidnapped during the war in the Congo and are presumed dead; since then Sofia has struggled with depression. She would like to purchase a goat for breeding; and seeds and supplies to grow vegetables for resale. Sofia's business plan is detailed and includes a time estimate to repay her loan.

Sofia is the leader in her group. She is an excellent speaker. During our 2013 visit she asked for adult education. She seems to suffer from malaria fairly often, during our 2011 visit she was very sick.

She attended the Peopleweaver Tuunagane Women's Adult School.


  • Has purchased goats (08-08)
  • Sofia has been elected Vice President for the. She encourages the other women and has taken a leadership role in the project. (08-08)
  • Sofia has paid back the majority of her loan, she plans to sell her beans this month and finish paying off her loan. (07-09)
  • Earned profit of 50,000sh digging beans
  • Sofia has received a 2nd loan (2013)
  • In 2016, after living in Kyangwali for 20 years, Sophia and her family were allowed to immigrate to the US.