Microcredit – Bashimiki Bernadete

Bernadete Bashimiki


  • 50 years old (2011)
  • Family: 4 children (3 girls, 1 boy), elderly husband
  • Country: Refugee from DR Congo
  • Lives at Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda

I am here by submitting my application for loan in order to improve on my standard of my children. I have been in Kyangwali for last 13 years and now I feel like you can help me with this loan.

I am a Congolese female by sex 50 years old with four children three girls and one boy. My husband is also 78 years.

I am applying for a loan of 120,000sh. If I am to get this money this is how I can use it. Farming has been our main activities and I hope it will continue to be the best.


  • Slashing for 40 by 40m garden: 20,000
  • Digging 50,000
  • Seeds 30,000
  • Weeding 20,000

Total: 120,000sh

I hope to pay back the money by the end of the year. This will have got for me some profit and buying books for children and the rice which I hope to dig will also serve as food for my family. I wish to expand this in near future for the best in this way.

I remain waiting to hear from your office.

Bernadette Bashimiki


My name is Bashimiki Bernadette. My husband is old and I have also got a problem of my leg. I use wooden scratches to walk and feel pain every night. This does not allow me to dig (farm) or carry things hence the family is becoming very poor. Life has not been easy for me but today I testify that the loan you gave me has helped and solved some of the problems in my family.

I used the money I got from the loan to also give small loans to farmers. Rice farmers in Kyangwali always have a big challenge of weeding and spraying the rice. During this time it is hard for them to get money to maintain their crops because there is nothing available to sell, there is no food so people are hungry. Loans help them maintain farms and then they pay back after the harvest.

I gave a loan of 100,000sh and got 200kgs of rice. I sold the 200kgs for 300,000sh. I plan to give more loans and hope to get 600kgs of rice, which I will sell and get 900,000sh.

God bless you for the great things you have done for my family and me. You have saved the lives of many in Kyangwali and my family has a smiling face. We can now see the future and hope for a better life. My cries and tears have turned to shouts of joy.