Graduated Secondary School Elizabeth Chizanye Bagirukobenda

(Original sponsorship application is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

Vision: I dream becoming an IT specialist and promote modern information systems in my country.

I had no hope of schooling because my father was not able to support me because of poverty and alcohol. We missed even to eat once a night.

In 2008 I was going in the garden looking for food and I was 15 years old. Four armed bandits came and started beating us, tied and took us deep in the forest. They chased my mother who was almost dead and told her to see her daughter for the last time because we are going to kill her. It was morning when they left me thinking I was dead.

After I got home I was hopeless and could not find sense in life. All people learned about me, I was humiliated and could not go back to school because I was always discriminated against. After 3 years I have got counseling and support from Coburwas, and now hoping to start a new life.

I try to trade fish to purchase uniforms and other school supplies. I also try breeding of domestic animals such as pigs and goats.

Even if I am very grown up and in senior 5, I think someone can help me to complete my school. I am not sure if I will be able to complete.

(Rutshuru, G-2017, DOB ~1993)