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Take The Magic Step

PeopleWeaver is proud to be included in the family of charities of “Take The Magic Step” Foundation. Begun in 2006 by marathon champion Uta Pippig, Take The Magic Step now is an international organization dedicated to helping people in need receive education and achieve both better health and a greater sense of well-being.

In 2012 Uta launched her speaking series “Running To Freedom.” In these history-inspired presentations, Uta uses her personal journey from East Germany to freedom in the West as a framework to explore and encourage the possibility of change in anyone’s life.

The Foundation’s support contributes to the continuation of Peopleweaver’s economic and educational programs. For example, Peopleweaver’s adult education program allows women to start or continue an education that in most cases was stopped or never started because of inter-tribal warfare.

Everyone can make a difference. Even a smile can lift the spirit of a sick child.” –Uta Pippig

Baby sleeping on malaria net - Kyangwali

Niwot United Methodist Church

The church has sponsored the education of six girls living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The church’s support of the “Imagine No Malaria” program raised $1,000 for People-weaver to purchase insecticide-treated malaria nets. The nets were distributed in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, where malaria is a constant threat. At one meeting there everyone told the group something about themselves. We were shocked when one of the women said “my 17-year-old son died of malaria last week”. This was an impetus for the start of our net distribution program. One net can save a life.

Peopleweaver sponsor - Pebble Art Jewelry

Pebble Art Jewelry

For several years Pebble Art Jewelry has featured Peopleweaver’s Ugandan paper necklaces and baskets in its store. All proceeds from the sale of this African merchandise go directly to PeopleWeaver projects and no commission or fees are charged.

Pebble Art Jewelry features handcrafted jewelry made by local artists.  The store is located at 7980 Niwot Rd, Niwot, Colorado 80503.


Peopleweaver sponsor - ICU Eyewear

ICU Eyewear

For several years ICU Eyewear has generously donated reading glasses to Peopleweaver. Hundreds of these pairs of glasses have been distributed to people living in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda and in the town of Bunagana in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. All of these people are either living in, or have come from, war situations. Also, Peopleweaver has distributed many of these glasses in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

ICU Eyewear, founded by Patricia Kesten in 1997, has become a globally recognized leader in reading eyewear and sunglasses. ICU Eyewear designs have revolutionized the reading glass industry with fun styles, bright colors and unique patterns at affordable prices for the everyday customer. A pioneer in the eyewear industry, ICU Eyewear was the first to develop and implement a manufacturing process for eco-friendly reading glasses made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo.

ICU Eyewear is committed to giving back. Every year, ICU Eyewear donates thousands of reading glasses to those in need, all over the world.

See the video at the end of this page.

Peopleweaver sponsor EYEsee


EyeSee was founded in 2008 as an entirely student-run international health program at Saint Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. EyeSee collects eyeglasses that have been discarded in the US and then works with international humanitarian organizations to distribute them to those in need.  We embrace the belief that everyone has the right to see clearly.

Peopleweaver Sponsors

Katwalk’s Artisan Jewelry

Katwalk was one of our earliest supporters. The store sells our African jewelry to raise money for our projects and charges no commission or fee.

Katwalk's, which is based in Colorado, sells hand-crafted jewelry made by local artists in a wide variety of materials. They are vocal advocates of Peopleweaver projects.

Little Free Library - Peopleweaver sponsorGirls who live in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement look at a book from the Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Each “Little Free Library” is a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange.

The LFL organization is a nonprofit that supports a worldwide movement to offer free books housed in small containers to members of local communities. The LFLs are also referred to as community book exchanges, neighborhood book exchanges, book trading posts, pop-up libraries, and micro-libraries. Once a LFL is built, it can be recognized and shown on the organization's on-line world map.

The LFL concept inspired us to create libraries in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement and at a preschool in Vientiane, Laos. The library in Kyangwali started with 35 books and now has over 150 books. The Lao preschool had a few books, but they were written in English, and the teachers do not speak or read English. We purchased 30 books written in Lao and started the library at the school.

The organization has donated LFL numbered signs so we can register our libraries on their library world map.

Peopleweaver was included in the LFL's first book, "The Little Free Library Book" (on page 158).

Reading Glasses Distribution

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