Sponsor – Rachel Chance Migezi

Rachel Chance Migezi

(Application is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

Vision: To be a medical work and support all people notably the vulnerable women who suffered sexual violence.

One day we went to work in the banana farm with my mother, father and brother. In the garden my mother and brother went to fetch water. After this, 5 armed bandits came from the bush and shot my father. After shooting my father they came to kill me also. One of them defended me saying that I am innocent. They resisted and said that they wanted to kill the whole family. By God’s help they only cut me using a machete, wounded me and left me almost dead. At this time, I had been able to go to school and was in  Primary two.

After this I lived in inhuman conditions. Seeing such misery my grandmother decided to take care of me in the village and started paying my education. Later she became old and could no longer support me and I dropped again out of school.

I was advised by my mother to leave and go to Goma (60 km away) to work as a house girl because she thought that after a year I could raise some money and resume school. In Goma life was still hard and I had to come back to my mother.

Through leaders in our village I met Benson (one of the founders of Coburwas) and explained my situation to him, he gave me money to pay for my 2015 academic year.

Rachel completed secondary school, needs to take national exam.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~1998)