Sponsor – Josephine Uwamahoro Gasore

Josephine, Peopleweaver education sponsorship

(In 2017 Josephine completed Secondary school and would like to attend University. She is happy and has dreams for the future - for herself and the community. She is very grateful for the educational sponsorship she reviewed. Currently she is volunteering in her community. The cost to attend the university is approximately $3,000 per year.)

(Application is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

Vision: To attend University

I am a first borne from parents who are farmers. We lived in Bunagana*, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

After fleeing DR Congo because of war we were refugees in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda. I started my studies in Kyangwali, from primary 1 to 3. We then repatriated back home, and I was able to continue my studies for a time. Now I am in Senior 6 learning pedagogy (study of instructional methods of teaching).

When I was in Senior 1 my father had a job with an organization called FEMISA, but after two years this organization disappeared and my father became jobless. He started dealing in agriculture for survival. When I was in Senior 4 my father failed to pay school fees for me and I dropped out from school. For a while someone from the village helped me with school fees. Now I am in Senior 6, but with no help me to finish and continue.

I am now working with the community to help women. I am also in charge of gender in Coburwas and treasurer.

UPDATE: In 2017 Germaine finished Secondary school, she dreams of attending a University. In the meantime she volunteers to aid girls, women and her community.

*Bunagana is near the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo

**Coburwas is a self-help organization founded by Benson Wereje. We have worked with them on most of our projects.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(200, Bunagana)