Sponsor – Elosha Kapata Muyayu

(Application is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

(Elosha is a talented musician.)

Vision: To be an ambassador and a speaker for youth, transformation of youth and promoting girl child through arts. In the scientific areas, I would like to study construction (Engineering – Architecture) for promoting practical work for women who are visionary leaders.

Bio (only slight edited): At the age of 3, my family was displaced by war. We ran to several places, sometimes staying in the bush, we finally stayed in Kisangani. We survived day-by-day. At the age of 6, our mother left us because of social-economic reasons. My father wanted to join us from where he was working, but he was not able to. We lived with our grandmother.

In July 2007, my brothers and sisters, and myself were forced to board a car to Burundi, to my mother’s home. We traveled hundreds of miles, we were stopped by our father who joined us in Goma. Since then we lived with our father, with no funds and a miserable life.

I have been studying one day and chased another. I tried to do small businesses to get school fees, selling charcoal, kerosene, bread, powder soap. I could not afford business and schooling at the same time and dropped out of school.

I also sing with Barza family singing group, and am responsible for leading a women’s choir.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)
(2017/2018 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~05-1999, Goma)