Sponsor – Elizabeth Chizanye Bagirukobenda

Girl's and Women's Education Sponsorship - Peopleweaver

(Application is only slightly edited for better understanding.)

Vision: To be a nurse and help sick people.

My name is Elizabeth Chizanye Bagirukobenda. I was born in 1996 at Kavange and am now 21 years old (in 2017). I am the last born in our family. My two parents are still alive.

During 1997 we fled from DRC to Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda. After living in Kyangwali for 9 years we returned back in our country.

In 2006 immediately I started my Primary one at Kavugiza Primary school.

Even if my parents were old they were paying for my school fees. But sometimes I would work hard in the holidays and pay half of my school fees. Other family members would help me pay school fees.

Now in 2017 I am in Senior six. My study is commercial business.

After finishing my Secondary school I would like to be a nurse, this is my vision because I want to be treating the sick people. I am a CIYOTA member from Bunagana branch.

Thank you for your comprehension, Elizabeth

(2017/2018 primary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)