Peopleweaver Adult Education - Kyangwali

Women's Adult School, Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

For several years, the Tuungane women’s microcredit group, located in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, have requested adult education – specifically English classes. Having a speaking knowledge of English will give them a business advantage – for example, to help them better negotiate with buyers when selling their produce. If allowed to immigrate, having a speaking knowledge of English will give them a huge advantage as they adjust to their new countries.

In 2013 we started an education program in Kyangwali. Class subjects included English, nutrition and health, family management and development, and business development. Students receive certificates as they advance.

Our goal is to keep the program as low cost as possible so it can be expanded. The first school structure had a roof and open walls; a few years later walls, windows and doors were added. Next we will add a latrine.

Teachers include Joyce Neema and her husband Moses. Both are educated and were teachers in the DR Congo before fleeing to Uganda. As part of their community service for receiving a micro-credit loan, Joyce and Moses have volunteered to teach, only receiving money for their expenses such as traveling to classes and class materials. Joyce knows English and Swahili while Moses knows French and Swahili. They have a six-year old daughter, Prefina, who we sponsor for primary school.

Everist Ntuyenabo teaches classes in Swahili. Many of the women never started school or had it interrupted because of war. Many of the women are learning to sign their name's and read for the first time. Everist’s wife and mother both received microcredit loans.

Besides the education they receive, adults who value education for themselves will value education for their children. And, they are excellent role models for their families and community.

Women's School Celebration. Women sing aboutPeopleweaver & Coburwas organizations.

Tuunagane Women's Adult School - Peopleweaver

Women's School - Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda

Women's School, Kyangwali Refugee Settlement - Peopleweaver

A school with no walls

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