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"I have hope, where I had none."

(Kyangwali loan recipicant)

HOPE = ~$150

100 loans have benefit the women and approximately 500 children

Average microcredit loan for one woman is $75  -  $150

Our microcredit project targets Congolese women refugees living at the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement(*) in Uganda. These women have the desire and motivation to create a better life for themselves and their families - but find this out of reach. They want to provide food, shelter, clothing, and better health for their families. They want to have money to pay for their children’s schooling and most, want to finish their own education.

  • Nearly half of all impoverished families in the developing world depend on income generated by women.
  • Women are responsible borrowers, diligent savers, and competent managers who use their income almost exclusively to benefit their children.

(The loan applications for the women below provide insight into their lives, more women will be added as the website progresses in it's redesign.)

Our future plans are to start a microcredit project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – your donation can make this possible.

*The Kyangwali Refugee Settlement was established in the 1960s; currently there are approximately 25,000 refugees living in the settlement. In Kyangwali there exist income producing opportunities such as raising vegetables, chickens, and goats. For creative woman there are other money making opportunities.

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