Peopleweaver - women's development programs
PeopleWeaver is a nonprofit organization established to provide education and economic assistance, such as microcredit loans, to impoverished women in developing countries. Currently, our efforts are focused on the Congolese women refugees living in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Uganda, and women and girls living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Although our primary focus is education and microcredit, aid has also included food, reading glasses, malaria nets, medicine, communication tools, treadle water pumps, and two cooperative grain mills. We started a "Free Little Library" at a primary school in the settlement; adding books and libraries is ongoing. In 2013 we partnered with Coburwas-Ciyota, a local grassroots organization, to start an adult education school. We hope to expand the school project to several locations.


To improve the social and economic status of impoverished women, their families, and communities. To promote hope and opportunity by partnering with people and communities who want to participate in a process of development to improve their lives through education, microcredit loans, grants, and health care.


To help impoverished women and their families generate more income, more educational opportunities, improved health, become community role models and peace builders, and have more fulfilling lives.

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