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These bios are told in the girl’s own words, their names have been removed, editing is done only when needed for clarification, if information could cause a girl harm or discrimination it is removed.


Clarice, Peopleweaver education sponsorship


Clarice Umutoni Makoro

Vision: To continue with my studies

My home was in MASISI territory and one of the places that experience war and tribal conflicts. Most of the rebel movement starts from here. Since it’s a home of coltan* there are always such challenges.

In 2010, rebel groups, known as NYATURA and MAI MAI, attacked each other. Many villages were destroyed. Many left their villages, including my family. We, children, are always number one targets and victims of wars by death, diseases, also lack of education.

In 2013, my father went to Rwanda. We were told he is no longer alive, for what reason we do not understand.

We started living in poverty and misery. In October 2015, due to wars, my mother decided to take us to Bunagana village (near the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo). After a time, my mother was in position to buy a tailoring machine, the machine helped us to survive.

I am a humble young girl. I request your support so that I am in position to continue with my studies, with this I will be able to help other children that are suffering like me.

*Coltan is short for Columbite-tantalite. The Congo possesses 80% of the world's coltan. When refined it becomes a heat resistant powder that can hold a high electric charge. The properties of refined coltan is a vital element in creating devices that store energy or capacitors, which are used in small electronic devices, such as in mobile phones, laptop computers, pagers, and other electronic devices.

(2016/2017 primary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(2017/2018 primary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)


Abby (2015)Deborah

Deborah Uwimana (completed secondary school, needs to take national exam.)

Vision: I dream becoming an IT specialist and promote modern information systems in my country.
Bio (only slight edited): I had no hope of schooling because my father was not able to support me because of poverty and alcohol. We missed even to eat once a night.

In 2008 I was going in the garden looking for food and I was 15 years old. Four armed bandits came and started beating us, tied and took us deep in the forest. They chased my mother who was almost dead and told her to see her daughter for the last time because we are going to kill her. It was morning when they left me thinking I was dead.

After I got home I was hopeless and could not find sense in life. All people learned about me, I was humiliated and could not go back to school because I was always discriminated against. After 3 years I have got counseling and support from Coburwas, and now hoping to start a new life.

I try to trade fish to purchase uniforms and other school supplies. I also try breeding of domestic animals such as pigs and goats.

Even if I am very grown up and in senior 5, I think someone can help me to complete my school. I am not sure if I will be able to complete.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)


Elosha, DR Congo - educational sponsorship (KME)


Elosha Kapata Muyayu

Vision: To be an ambassador and a speaker for youth, transformation of youth and promoting girl child through arts. In the scientific areas, I would like to study construction (Engineering – Architecture) for promoting practical work for women who are visionary leaders.

Bio (only slight edited): At the age of 3, my family was displaced by war. We ran to several places, sometimes staying in the bush, we finally stayed in Kisangani. We survived day-by-day. At the age of 6, our mother left us because of social-economic reasons. My father wanted to join us from where he was working, but he was not able to. We lived with our grandmother.

In July 2007, my brothers and sisters, and myself were forced to board a car to Burundi, to my mother’s home. We traveled hundreds of miles, we were stopped by our father who joined us in Goma. Since then we lived with our father, with no funds and a miserable life.

I have been studying one day and chased another. I tried to do small businesses to get school fees, selling charcoal, kerosene, bread, powder soap. I could not afford business and schooling at the same time and dropped out of school.

I also sing with Barza family singing group, and am responsible for leading a women’s choir.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(2017/2018 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~05-1999,KME,200,Goma)

GERMAINE, Peopleweaver education sponsorship


Germaine Kyakimwa Sinakwabo

Vision: To study and learn secretarial skills that would help the community in typing and printing information. To help needy children get an education.

Bio (only slight edited): When 2-years-old I left my father and mother because my family was experiencing a miserable life. In 2011, when I was 13-years-old, my adopted family decided to leave Lubero because people were killing each other. We traveled to Goma. I had taken the national exam for primary six and was waiting my results. I left without knowing the results of my exam.

After arriving in Goma I did not have school fees and did not go to school for two years. My family were surviving one day at time. In 2013, I was told by a friend about an adult school called TUENDELEE (note: this is the school PW has been asked to support). TUENDELEE was started by an organization called Coburwas. I was enrolled and restarted my primary six studies. I was again lucky enough to take the national exams, and succeeded. This made me want to continue to go to school.

Present life: Because I did not have basic education I grew up with shyness. Today I sing in the church and I do discuss with friends to learn and educate myself.

I thank Coburwas that opened this opportunity to me and enabled me to complete my primary studies. I have hope that when you read my biography you will be able to help me continue with my secondary school education. Education is the most important key for the success in life.

There are many other children and women who are not able to attend school in Congo. Educate me and I will also educate others! 

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(2017/2018 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~1998,KSG,200,Goma)

Josephine Uwamahoro Gasore (Completed Secondary school, would "like" to attend University.)

Vision: To continue school

I am a first borne from parents who are farmers. We lived in Bunagana*, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

After fleeing DR Congo because of war we were refugees in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda. I started my studies in Kyangwali, from primary 1 to 3. We then repatriated back home, and I was able to continue my studies for a time. Now I am in Senior 6 learning pedagogy (study of instructional methods of teaching).

When I was in Senior 1 my father had a job with an organization called FEMISA, but after two years this organization disappeared and my father became jobless. He started dealing in agriculture for survival. When I was in Senior 4 my father failed to pay school fees for me and I dropped out from school. For a while someone from the village helped me with school fees. Now I am in Senior 6, but with no help me to finish and continue.

I am now working with the community to help women. I am also in charge of gender in Coburwas and treasurer.

*Bunagana is near the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo

**Coburwas is a self-help organization founded by Benson Wereje. We have worked with them on most of our projects.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(UJA,200, Bunagana)

Prefina after living in Kyangwali for 2 years

Prefina after living in Kyangwali for two years


Prefina (2016/2017 primary school yr. sponsored by private donor (Dixie P.)

2013, after her mother and others were abused, Prefina and her family fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Prefina was ~five-years-old at this time, since then they have lived in the Kyangwali refugee settlement. Both parents are educated, Father at the university level. In the DR Congo they were teachers. They were not able to pay for Prefina's school fees. Prefina was sponsored and attends the private Coburwas Primary school in Kyangwali. Coburwas provides a better education, Prefina gets excellent grades, and a hot lunch every school day.

(2016 primary school yr. sponsored by private donor (Dixie P.)

In January 2017 Prefina and her family immigrated to Australia where they are happily starting a new life.

(DOB ~2008,MMP)

Prefina at school (shown on right)

Prefina at school (shown on the right)

PRISCA education sponsorship


Prisca Muhawe Kaza (Completed Secondary school, would "like" to attend University.)

Vision: Become a woman leader and study nursing 

There was war in my village where most of houses were burned and people killed. We became refugees in Nyakabande transit camp, later we were transferred to Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Due to the tough life there and diseases like malaria we were forced to go back home (Bunagana, DR Congo).

My parents decided to put me in school and when I was in primary 4 there was another war between CNDP rebels and the government. For one year we were again refugees.

In 2008 I was able to finish my primary school and in 2009 successfully passed the national exam and got the national certificate. After one year my father failed to pay fees and I had to drop out. Later he decided to put me in a cheap school. I worked carrying sand and bricks to buy school supplies.

Because of studying and working, I was often chased (forced to leave) from school. Teachers asked students to buy books and notes, which in most cases I could not afford. With tough life at home and all these problems it has caused me to suffer and perform poorly in school.

I have been trained in leadership, entrepreneurship and non-violence by Peopleweaver’s partner, Coburwas. I hope to be a strong leader and help other young girls who are suffering like me.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~1997,MKP,200,Bunagana)



Rachel Chance Migezi (completed secondary school, needs to take national exam.)

Vision: To be a medical work and support all people notably the vulnerable women who suffered of sexual violence.

One day we went to work in the Banana farm with my mother, father and brother. In the garden my mother and brother went to fetch water. After this, 5 armed bandits came from the bush and shot my father. After shooting my father they came to kill me also. One of them defended me saying that I am innocent. They resisted and said that they wanted to kill the whole family. By God’s help they only cut me using a machete, wounded me and left me almost dead. At this time, I was in primary two.

After this I lived in inhuman conditions. Seeing such misery my grandmother decided to take care of me in the village and started paying my education. Later she became old and could no longer support me and I dropped again out of school.

I was advised by my mother to leave and go to Goma (60 km away) to work as a house girl because she thought that after a year I could raise some money and resume school. In Goma life was still hard and I had to come back to my mother.

Through leaders in our village I met Benson and explained my situation to him, he gave me money to pay for my 2015 academic year.

(2016/2017 secondary school yr. sponsored by Niwot United Methodist Church)

(DOB ~1998,MCR,200)
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